avian-anomaliesInexplicata has reported that on September 29th a strange, humanoid, manta ray-like flying creature was seen flying from one tree to another in Chile.

This AVIAN ANOMALY was seen in the early evening near Bustamante Park in Chile. Its size was estimated at around 6-feet tall and shaped like a manta ray.

winger_creature1Ignacio, a young man who witnessed this brief yet disconcerting flying being, does not wish to disclose his identity, described that the entity had wings from the upper part of its body down to its lower part. He made a drawing of what he saw.

Eyewitness testimony soon appeared in other places in Santiago. A witness named Sylvia confirmed the image of this human-looking “flying manta ray” in the Los Barrenchea Commune. Someone even stated the following by e-mail, from a location near Bustamante Park:

“My wife and I saw this creature in one of the towers of the San Francisco church in Santa Isabel, and it was eating something similar to a dog. I think that if you inspect this tower you will find its remains. Unfortunately, I have no evidence to give you beyond my wife’s report and my own.”

mothman5Now the question remains; what kind of unknown, large, vaguely MOTHMAN-like and ostensibly predatory animal is lurking in the trees and steeples of Chile waiting to swoop down on its unsuspecting prey… and if it has a taste for canines can humans be far behind?

Keep watching the skies!