lovers-laneDemon_Mike_McCarthyIn the early days of the 20th Century no less than three people had a harrowing run-in with an hulking albino beast, which seemed to have emerged from the bowels of hell itself.

On Friday, May 25, 1900, the Watertown Daily Times published a bizarre account of a potentially dangerous, horned, white beast, which had terrified a trio of intrepid monster just three days earlier.

On the evening of May 22, 1900, two men, Homer Ward and J. D. Dryden, were making the 6-mile journey to Copenhagen from Deer River, which is nestled deep in upstate New York. The men were returning from the Copenhagen_NYfarmhouse of their friend Charles Boui in a horse and buggy, which was being driven by Ward. The short trip had been uneventful, when Dryden suddenly noticed what he described as a “large white object” in a fenced in lot a little ways from the roadside.

Dryden silently stared at the amorphous object when it abruptly occurred to him that it resembled “a gigantic animal at rest.” Dryden pointed out the immobile form to his riding companion. Ward spied the thing, but was also unable to identify it.

Ward — whose curiosity had clearly usurped his better judgment — halted the horses and dismounted the buggy. He climbed the fence that separated the road from the lot cautiously approached what he now took to be a slumbering beast.

sheep_squatchWard — no doubt to his companion’s consternation — picked up a small stone and proceed to throw it at the motionless monstrosity. Without warning, the creature lunged up from its prone position and “moved away for some distance like a streak of lightning” before stopping.

Ward would later claim that at that moment he experienced a “feeling similar to an electric shock” passing over him. Needless to say the now terrified Ward sprinted back to his buggy and (with what one must assume was Dryden’s approval) drove his horses as fast as he could the rest of the way home.

After arriving at Ward’s farm the pair encountered one Miss Nancy Kline, who also lived at Ward’s home, though the nature of their relationship was not elucidated. Kline — either through youthful exuberance, feminine wiles, intellectual prodding or a simple challenge to their manhood — managed to convinced the perturbed men to travel the short distance back to the lot to investigate the nature of the unusual white fiend.

sheepsquatch_morphy_small_rgbThe intrepid trio, armed only with a lantern and their pluck, set out down the dark and lonely stretch of road, but before they arrived Kline heard an eerie “snort.” The group aimed the lantern’s beam forward and spied the albino beast perched on its haunches in the middle of the road.

For the first time they could make out all off this odd creature’s unique characteristics. Dryden, Ward and Kline testified that the thing bore a pair horns and had a long tail as thick around as the body of a man. It’s worth noting that these descriptions bear more than a passing resemblance to West Virginia’s notorious SHEEPSQUATCH.

Apparently uncomfortable under the lantern’s harsh gaze, the possibly demonic entity charged over a nearby fence and disappeared into the darkness beyond… never to be seen again… at least by anyone who lived to tell the tale.

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