unclassifiedgiant_globuleIn the autumn of 1965, three Argentinean school children had a strange encounter with a huge, rotund monstrosity that is quite unlike anything that has ever been reported in the history of cryptozoology.

Although details regarding this potentially groundbreaking case are regrettably spare, what we do know is that on October 5, 1965, Buenos Aires’ newspaper “La Cronica Matutina“, published a tantalizing account of a brief (yet utterly bizarre) run-in that a trio of pupils claimed to have had with a gigantic, round, non-humanoid being near the Argentinean National School: 982, located in Puerto Beltran, in the rural district of Loreto.

According to the newspaper report, the students — Luis Ramirez, Maria Abela Cabana and Rosa Carbajal — were walking to get water from a reservoir tank located on the school’s northern Argentina property on the morning of October 4, 1965, when the trio saw an evidently animate entity that “rolled on the ground” in front of them.

The undoubtedly stunned children stared in disbelief and horror as the huge creature spun in circles kicking up a tremendous amount of dirt before it “…mysteriously vanished in a cloud of dust” apparently never to be seen (or at least reported) again.

Due to the fact that this dust_cloud_2Gargantuan Globulous disappeared into thin air, one almost can’t help but to speculate that this being might be an inter-dimensional entity that has the ability to traverse the evidently membranous borders between two vastly different dimensions, which could very well coexist mere millimeters apart.

Unfortunately that is all that was published regarding this brief (though likely traumatizing) encounter. It would be wonderful to have sketches made by the children of this ostensibly spherical organism or, at the very least, a more detailed description regarding its actual size, pigmentation, skin texture or even facial features — assuming, of course, that it even had what we would identify as a “face,” which would be doubtful. Alas, it would seem that these potentially fascinating details of this bizarre orbicular being’s features have been lost to time.

One can only hope that Luis Ramirez, Maria Abela Cabana and Rosa Carbajal (or their descendents) might stumble across this entry and contact us whereupon we might be able to assemble a more complete picture of this unquestionably compelling creature.

Les Extra-TerrestresThe description (vague as it might be) of this globule-like critter was first released beyond the borders of Argentina in the chapter “Humanoids in South America,” by famed British ufologist Gordon Creighton, in Charles Bowen’s indispensable treatise on alien beings: “The Humanoids,” which was published in 1967.

Since that time there are some investigators — such as Jader U. Pereira, in his 72 page booklet: “Les ‘Extra-Terrestres'” — who have suggested that the this entity might not be a living creature, but an extraterrestrial vehicle. It’s an intriguing theory to be sure, but what these aliens hoped to gain by ramrodding around on the grounds of Argentinean National School: 982, kicking up dust and scaring the heck out of three members of its student body is anyone’s guess.

Nevertheless, the fact that the eyewitnesses described what seems to be an animate entity rather than a piece of technology forces us to assume that we are dealing with some sort of corporeal creature; whether or not this turns out to be an as yet unidentified earthbound animal or alien hailing from OUT OF THIS WORLD remains to be seen.

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