Welcome to Cryptopia


In the cinematic world we often hear movie trailers begin with the all too common phrase:

“From the creative team who brought you [random title] comes a new vision of [random genre]!”

Often this creative team consist of two gaffers, a key grip and the studio chief, but in the case of Cryptopia the phrase genuinely applies. So, at the risk of becoming superfluous, here goes…

“From the creative team who brought you American Monsters comes a new vision of paranormal investigation!”

Two of the architects and founders of American Monsters — Marc Storrs; web/graphic designer extraordinaire and your humble scribe/illustrator, Rob Morphy — are behind what we hope will be a broader and more comprehensive exploration of the hidden world that surrounds us. Our goal is to go beyond the realm of the cryptozoological (and occasionally ufological) in order to survey all aspects of the bizarre, mysterious and sometimes terrifying realms of the “reality” in which we are all immersed.

Why, you might be asking, change the name and the domain of well known website? Why not simply expand the purview of AM under the same title that folks have come to know for well over a decade? Well, the reasons are many, but the primary goal of this change is evolution.

Think of Cryptopia as American Monsters 2.0 — our love of monsters has not diminished one iota so you can expect all of the articles that built the body of AM to be carried over (with scads of new stories in the works), but now we can also examine enigmas that we always avoided under the AM banner such as; psychic phenomena, spectral visitations, historical anomalies, UFO encounters and anything else that may have slipped the surly bonds of conventional reality as we know it.

Marc and I could not be more proud of what AM has come to represent over the years; not only to the world at large, but to ourselves. It has opened many doors and introduced us to more incredible individuals than we could ever hope to list. In short the AM journey has been an amazing one…

But now it’s time to take the next step; to open new doors and ask new questions. To keep the original flames of inquisitiveness burning, while igniting new torches with which to explore dark chasms of the unknown where we, as a team, have yet to venture. Same adventure… new paths.

Marc and I began working on the beta of AM when he was fresh out of High School and I was in my 20s. Now he is married and the proud father of two and I’ve been through more life changes than I could possibly chronicle, but through it all we’ve shared a grand friendship, an unshakable curiosity and an abiding love for the unknown.

We sincerely hope you’ll join us on the next step in our investigation of our mysterious world…

Welcome to Cryptopia!

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