The Kansan has published a report chronicling the now 50 year-old legend of a bizarre, serpentine beast said to lurk in Kansas’ largest natural lake, which is known to the natives as “Sink Hole Sam.”

Legend has it that Inman Lake is the home of a large, snaky LAKE MONSTER that lives in a portion of the lake known as “the big sinkhole.” Locals have speculated that “Sam” — as the creature came to be know — had been living in some prehistoric underground cavern that had somehow filled with water from the sinkhole, allowing him to finally venture forth.”

The first known account of this beast allegedly came from two unidentified men who were fishing at the sinkhole. Following this event, Albert Neufeld and George Regehr also claimed to have seen the creature, claiming that it was approximately 15-feet in length and as round as an “automobile tire.” Neufeld further claimed that he had fired upon the eel-like monster from the side of a bridge, but failed to capture his quarry.

It wasn’t long before newspapers caught wind of the tale and locals started getting calls from strangers all across the country. Today, some residents still recall seeing hundreds of cars parked around the big sinkhole hoping “Sammy” would make a curtain call.