The Advocate has published a report on a “Nessie” type creature that allegedly lurks in the depths of the Hawkesbury River, one of the major rivers of the coastal region of New South Wales, Australia.

Since 1965, cryptozoological investigator Rex Gilroy and his wife Heather have compiled hundreds of sighting reports regarding the existence of the mysterious beast known as the Hawkesbury River Monster.

The Gilroys are convinced that the legends are real and they are determined to prove it. In an effort to do just that, The Gilroys have for years staked out various points along the river in hopes of capturing this AQUATIC-ENIGMA on film. Rex is confident that their patience will eventually pay off:

“Sooner or later, I’m hoping to get the shot of shots… there are stories of houseboats being lifted up at one end when something underneath tried to surface over at Jerusalem Bay… a lot of the inlets here have stories.”

Gilroy also referred to a sighting by Rosemary Turner in 1975, who reported a monster swimming upstream from a lookout at Muogamarra Nature Reserve. The most recent report, according to Rex, came from a fishermen near Wisemen’s Ferry, in March of 2010:

“(They) momentarily saw a serpentine head and about two meters of long neck rise above the water before submerging.”

Described as a prototypical LAKE-MONSTER complete with a long neck, bulky body, four flippers, an eel-like tail and mottled-grey skin, there are those who have suggested that the Hawkesbury River Monster may be a descendant of the oft seen plesiosaur family.

However, Robert Jones, a palaeontologist from the Australian Museum, is understandably skeptical regarding that particular theory:

“It’s impossible for them to live in the Hawkesbury River; they just don’t exist.”

That having been said, Gilroy insists that the monster is part of Aboriginal folklore, with stories of women and children being attacked by the “moolyewonk’’ or “mirreeular’’  both indigenous names. He states that there is also ancient geoglyphic rock art on the banks of the river depicting this creature.

In the end, Gilroy and his wife are sure that they will eventually be able to produce the evidence that will justify their many years of investigation:

“There’s got to be something to it… I’m hopeful that I’m going to get some sort of evidence that satisfies me … and when I’ve got that, I will be pleased to put it on the desk of some scientist and say well there you are!”

Whether this beast is a BUNYIP, a dinosaur or something as yet undiscovered, it would seem that the Gilroys are going to stick around until they solve the mystery of Hawkesbury River.