The Allier river runs through the French countryside and is the reputed home of a horrifying, three-headed, aquatic monster.

The Allier River – a tributary of the river Loir, which flows near the town of Vichy in south-central France – is said to be the home of one of the most unique cryptids ever chronicled.

While there has been only one reported sighting of this three-headed, ebony creature, the fact is that this beast is so bizarre in appearance it seems less like a terrestrial creature and more like one that should hail from BEYOND MYTHOLOGY.

The only known report of this creature hails from either 1933 or 1934. Described as monstrous, black, CERBERUS-like beast, it isn’t difficult to see why the rarely seen cryptid captures the imagination.

Although the evidence in this case is admittedly scarce, one cannot ignore the plethora of legends hailing from all over Europe concerning all manner of AQUATIC ENIGMAS including EACH-USIGE, CABYLL-USHTY, KELPIE and even the notoriously voracious Irish crocodile, the DOBHAR-CHU.

That having been said, there is no mention of whether the beast appeared to fish-like, mammalian, reptilian or amphibious in origin. Still, as intriguing as this case is, it would seem in the final analysis that the eyewitnesses may have unwittingly described not a single three-headed beast, but a trio of — perhaps equally outrageous — freshwater monsters.

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