LD NEws has reported that a grandmother on holiday with her family has claimed to have seen a group of monsters in British Columbia’s Lake Ootsa.

Darlene Thompkins, who was holidaying in the town Burns Lake with her family, decided to spend a relaxing day on the shores of nearby Lake Ootsa — a part of the Nechako Reservoir system — never expecting to have an encounter with the unkown. According to Thompkins, her friend George sat on the shoreline as she her granddaughter were wading in the water near the Ootsa Lake spillway.

It was while they were frolicking in the water watching a pilot do tricks above, that they were splashed by an unusually large wave. That was when she and her granddaughter came face to face with the unbelievable… a large, serpentine LAKE MONSTER that reared its head about 25-feet away from them. In Thompkins’ own words:

“It looked like a huge snake head and it was a dark grey color. I called out to George to come and look, but he said to come out of the water and was a little scared. I didn’t think about being scared because I was trying to see what it was, I grabbed my video camera and recorded, but I was in a hurry and the focus was zoomed in so the footage is blurry.”

Thompkins then grabbed a still camera to take a picture of the anomalous beast and snapped a shot. It was then that two additional AQUATIC ENIGMAS surfaced:

“It looks further away in the photo than what it was… we saw it much closer. We saw it twice, then another one came up beside it and a third one came too… the creatures were very long like a snake. You could see the head while they were swimming along then further back there was another part of it — like a hump.”

Thompkins claims that she is still haunted by her experience:

“I can’t stop thinking about what we saw and wondering what it was… I wish I knew what it was, I have heard other people say they have seen something similar. These lakes are so big, you would never know what is living in them.”

Neither the video footage nor the photograph could be found online.