The Press has reported that a strange UFO was seen and photographed over a North Yorkshire town on two consecutive nights.

Colin Coulson took the photographs of the objects, which he spotted over Pickering on Saturday night and again on Sunday night. According to locals this is not surprising as Government files provide a load of documents, drawings and letters describing alleged encounters with strange, unidentified aircraft from OUT OF THIS WORLD hovering over North Yorkshire.

One happened at Royal Air Force (RAF) Topcliffe, near Thirsk, on September 19, 1952. Men from the No.269 Squadron claimed to have witnessed an unidentified flying object, silver and disc-shaped, swinging in a pendulum motion not too dissimilar to a falling sycamore leaf.

The sighting, which lasted around 20 seconds, was supported by a number of civilian witnesses outside of the base. Three separate reports concerned an unidentified flying object at Menwith Hill, the RAF station near Harrogate in 1972.

Lighted objects were seen over the base sporadically for weeks, with no official explanation except for a brief statement issued by the MoD confirming that:

“No flying saucer was in the vicinity of Menwith Hill and the base had no connection with UFO research.”

One frightening file includes sightings of a UFO “the size of a battleship” near Fylingdales Moor, in North Yorkshire, in 1998. The footage above details some of the past video evidence of UFOs over North Yorkshire.