Inexplicata has reported that there is a new creature is rivaling even the dreaded chupacabra as the preeminent monster of Puerto Rico… a flying beast that the locals have dubbed: The Gargoyle.

Eyewitnesses have reported that a strange creature with bat-like wings has attacked several animals and even a human, according to reports issued by residents of Guánica, a city located on the southern coast of Puerto Rico.

While the connection between the “Guánica Gargoyle” and the iconic CHUPACABRA are undeniable — they are both allegedly nocturnal and have a penchant for exsanguinating their victims — there are many who believe the Gargoyle is a different and decidedly more sinister entity.

While in the west most people associate GARGOYLES with the demonic, stone carved, winged protectors of aged cathedrals, the citizens of Guánica, Lajas — the reputed “UFO capital” of Puerto Rico — and San Germán believe their beast is a living, breathing predator who has stalked their villages for decades.

While no one is exactly sure what this creature is, there are some who have speculated — due in no small part to the prevalence of UFO sightings around Lajas — this is monstrosity may well hail from OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Whatever its origins, there are few who dispute that its lair is amid the ruins of the Guanica Sugar Mill in Barrio Ensenada, where the skeletons of its unfortunate victims have been discovered.

Perhaps the most terrifying encounter reported to date with this flying fiend happened in the mid-1990s, when a man was allegedly attacked by the “Guánica Gargoyle.” The creature swept down from the sky and clawed a vicious gash across the victim’s stomach. A woman, who claimed to have witnessed the aftermath of the encounter, described the scene:

“He was injured in his stomach, his fat could be see… (it was caused by) an animal’s claws… a large winged animal took him by surprise in his back yard and attacked him.”

Police officer Miguel Negrón states that while he had not seen what is popularly referred to as the Gargoyle, he did have a mysterious encounter in 2010. While patrolling the area with another officer near the old Guánica Sugar Mill, he heard the beating of powerful wings, as if something was propelling itself off the zinc roof of one of the mill’s cranes.

Agent Negrón indicated that some describe the gargoyle as a large bird, emitting a sulfuric or rotten odor — a phenomenon often reported in encounters with HAIRY HOMINIDS such as the SKUNK APE — and it is said to feed on healthy, live animals like dogs, cats and horses, draining their blood and leaving them dry.