The People’s Daily has reported that residents living near the foot of China’s Taibai Mountain are reporting bone chilling encounters a Bigfoot-like creature.

A Taibai Mountain National Forest Park official told reporters that several tourists from Xi’an did tell park staff that on September 18, 2010, they saw what they described as a “wild creature” on the mountain, which is located in the Xi’an, Shaanxi Provnice.

Reporters interviewed many residents of nearby Mei County, and were able to chronicle numerous reports of a YEREN or similar HAIRY HOMINID. One account told of several travelers from Xi’an who made camp in the forest. When the group heard a terrifying howl, they looked up and saw a hairy monster moving in the woods. After one of them cried, “It is a monster,” they ran away in panic and nearly fell into a deep crevasse. It was said that these travelers were admitted to the hospital right after returning to Xi’an to be treated for shock.

According to another story, a few backpackers from Shanghai went to visit Taibai Mountain and started climbing the mountain in Houzhenzi Village, Zhouzhi County. When they made camp at the foot of a cliff in the undeveloped Donghe scenic zone at dusk on the third day, they heard an unearthly cry and dimly saw a strange, hairy, human-like creature swinging from branch to branch in Tarzan-like fashion above them.

Reporters were also discovered that Shaanxi Daily and other newspapers had published long reports on the discovery of half-human, half-animal creatures on Taibai Mountain as early as 1990s. Although whatever happened to this “evidence” remains a mystery.