ABC News and JS Online have reported that a Wisconsin resident snapped a photograph of an unknown animal in her Waukesha County backyard recently, which some have speculated may be a neo-chupacabra.

Abby Lorenz, claimed that a woman named “Rob” Braun of Wales, took this chill-inducing photo of this fruit eating animal and asked her to identify it:

“Rob said that the animal only came out at night and would sit on its haunches like a kangaroo while it sat with its paws up and ate the crab apples.”

This description is all to familiar to Waukesha County residents who have had run-ins with PHANTOM KANGAROOS, but the appearance of the beast in the photo seems to be that of a NEO-CHUPACABRA. This new breed of bizarre, long tailed, virtually hairless, canine-like creatures — which bear no real association with traditional CHUPACABRA accounts — have been reported throughout the American south-west and now seem to be migrating northward.

Lorenz sent the photo to The Wildlife in Need Center in Oconomowoc for possible identification. Sheryl Cummings, a spokeswoman for the center, sent out a press release on the photo, asking whether the picture:

“…may point to the existence of the elusive and legendary El Chupacabra residing in southeastern Wisconsin… it looks a lot like a gray or red fox with Sarcoptic Mange, caused by an infestation of mites.”