National Geographic has published a reported on a plethora of fascinating new species that have been discovered in Papua New Guinea’s “lost World” in 2009.

Approximately the size of California, Papua New Guinea is a small nation, which occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea. The country’s Nakanai and Muller mountain ranges — which have yielded troves of new and unusual species in recent years — are known as the “Lost World” and are accessible only by plane, boat, foot, or helicopter.

In 2009, roughly 200 species were encountered during two scientific expeditions to Papua New Guinea’s remote  mountain ranges.

Some of the newly DISCOVERED SPECIES include a the tube-nosed fruit bat, a katydid that “aims for the eyes,” a feather-tailed opossum, a huge-headed “major” ant and a frog small enough to sit on a thumbnail! In all, the expeditions found 24 new species of frogs, 2 new mammals, and nearly a hundred new insects.

One of Papua New Guinea’s most intriguing UNCLASSIFIED beasts is the seemingly oddly named MURRAY. This carnivorous creature has been described by witnesses as resembling the notorious Cretaceous era predator known as the Tyrannosaurus-rex.

According to news reports this LIVING DINOSAUR has been terrorizing villages around  Lake Murray since 1999, and has even been the focal point of a military “monster hunt.” In a Lost World so chock full of mysteries, who knows what mysteries remain to be discovered?

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