The Press has reported that a woman from York, England captured an unexplained airborne object in photographs that she snapped while vacationing in Germany.

While most UFO sightings involve objects that appear to be technologically superior vehicles from OUT OF THIS WORLD, the entity that that was photographed by 22 year-old woman named Abbey — who was on holiday in Nuremberg, Germany with her boyfriend — seems to defy conventional description.

Abbey — a student at Newcastle University who requested to American Monsters that her last name be withheld — claims that she did not even notice the unusual “thing” in her picture until she looked over the images later:

“I was taking lots of photos to show people where we’d been, but when I got back into the car I noticed there was something on this one. I just though, ‘What it that? That looks weird’, and couldn’t work out what it was.”

Abbey showed the picture to friends and family, including a photography student, but no one could identify the apparently living AVIAN ANOMALY in question, although her mother, Bev, offered some interesting ideas:

“I thought it looked like a cherub. I also thought it looked a bit like a naked Buzz Lightyear toy, but could be a bee or an insect or something.”

For anyone interested in cryptozoology or the paranormal it is difficult not to see this as yet UNCLASSIFIED beast as looking suspiciously like eyewitness descriptions of the MOTHMAN. This notorious fiend — as well as others of its ilk such as the CRIMEAN WAR MONSTROSITIES — is regarded by many to be a prophet of doom, appearing right before tragic events.

As if to fuel the fire of this speculation, Bev, while researching the area online to discover whether or not there was any news about this odd being, found there had been a fatal crash at an airshow near Nuremberg earlier this summer. Whether or not this tragic event occurred before or after the photo was taken was not specified. According to Bev:

“There was a crash on September 5 where one person was killed and nearly 40 injured… it’s really odd.”