China’s Global TImes has reported that scientits working at the Shennongjia Nature Reserve in Hubei province has examined a strand of hair which it has not managed to identify, prompting local people to speculate that it may belong to the “Wild Man” — or YEREN — China’s version of Bigfoot.

Piao Jinlan, a researcher at the reserve, said that scientists need to continue their tests before they can identify the species. The hair of this alleged HAIRY HOMINID is said to be thicker than human hair and thinner than horsetail hair.

More than 400 people have claimed to have seen the half-man, half-ape “Wild Man” in the area in the last 100 years. Witnesses describe the creature as walking upright, more than 6-feet tall and with grey, red or black hair all over its body. An investigative team was set up in 2009 and started a large-scale search for the mysterious creature in Shennongjia this year.

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