Mania has published and article on the many winged monsters that are said to be fluttering around in the world’s skies.

Noted monster hunter NICK REDFERN has written an article detailing some of the most notorious — and obscure — AVIAN ANOMALIES ever recorded. Certainly the most famous of the bunch is the diabolical, winged entity known as the MOTHMAN, which was said to stalk the TNT area of Point Pleasant, West Virginia in mid-1960s.

Another honorable mention goes to the BAT BEAST OF KENT, which was another ostensibly headless, bat-winged critter from OUT OF THIS WORLD that was allegedly seen near a UFO landing sight by a cadre of British teens. Also hailing from England is the notorious red-eyed, crab clawed, OWLMAN OF CORNWALL, which was known for lurking in the trees surrounding the Mawnan Old Church and startling unwary teens during the summer of 1976.