The International Business Times has reported that the British government’s National Archives have released 34 formerly classified UFO files.

England’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has released over 9,000 pages of top secret memos in which UFOs were discussed, along with sightings of creatures from OUT OF THIS WORLD, which were reported by members of the public during the period 1985-2007.

One of the more intriguing newly released files included a series of images of a UFO captured in 2004, outside Retford town hall in Nottinghamshire. The photos underwent expert analysis at the Ministry of Defence, and Defence Geographic and Imagery Intelligence Agency. According to the DGIA:

”No definitive conclusions can be gathered from evidence submitted, however it may be coincidental that the illuminated plane of the object passes through the centre of the frame, indicating a possible lens anomaly, eg a droplet of moisture.”

Documents on popular UFO sighting of 1956 at RAF (Royal Air Force) Lakenheath in Suffolk, reported by RAF fighter controller Freddie Wimbledon and MoD official Ralph Noyes, include a testimony in which Wimbledon says the RAF fighter planes tried intercepting a UFO seen on radar and by observers on the ground. But the UFO “latched onto” a fighter plane, ”following its every move” before speeding off at ”terrific speed”. Noyes testified that he had seen a gun camera footage of the UFOs taken from aboard the aircraft at a special MoD screening in 1970.

The files also throws some light on one of the strangest alien stories, of a 2003 sighting of ”worm-shaped” UFOs ”wriggling around in the sky” over East Dulwich in London. A mother and daughter who testified at the MoD’s UFO desk said that they had seen two men dressed in ”space suits and dark glasses who called themselves Mork and Mindy.”

They also testified that two policemen, who had arrived upon their request to spot the UFO, met with the aliens in suit. However, the officers — not surprisingly — denied having seen aliens and said that:

”They could not see anything in the sky and concluded it was possibly a reflection of a star and a street light in her window.”

Perhaps the release of these files don’t actually represent any great urge o the part of the UK government to reveal their most important secrets, so much as it is an attempt to satiate the appetites of the curious by throwing them an obviously ridiculous bag of bones.