ABC News and Global BC have reported that Canada’s monster infamous lake cryptid has been caught on Tape.

OGOPOGO is a LAKE MONSTER said to dwell in the murky waters of British Colombia’s Lake Okanagan. This week a man named  Richard Huls, during a visit to a local winery,claims he filmed video of what could only be the elusive monster. The 30-second video shows two long ripples in the water in a seemingly deserted area of the lake.

“It was not going with the waves. It was not a wave, obviously, just a darker color. The size and the fact that they were not parallel with the waves made me think it had to be something else… It proves something is down there. Whether it’s Ogopogo or not, it is a different story, but there is something at least down there.”

The Ogopogo phenomenon dates back hundreds of years and is believed to have its origins in native Canadian Indian folklore with a creature called “N’ha-a-itk.” The locals would not cross the area of the lake where they thought the monster resided without an offering to feed the monster if attacked.

Ogopogo — who along with CHAMP represents the most famous of North American lake monsters — is most commonly described as a 40- to 50-foot-long sea serpent. There have reportedly been thousands of sightings of the monster through the years, including a marathon swimmer in 2000 who claimed he had the terrifying experience of two large, serpentine swimming with him at times.

In 1914, a group of Canadian Indians stumbled upon the CURIOUS CARCASS of an unidentified animal. An animal which many cryptozoologists believe may have been a BABY OGOPOGO.

As recently as 2008, there were reports that a History Channel documentary crew found an unknown biological specimen in the depths of Okanagan Lake. Bill Steciuk, who helped organize the shooting locations, had this to say about the discovery:

“It was all curled up. The features were really hard to see. You could see a little head tucked in and a straight tail with no fins… I couldn’t recognize it. Nor could anyone else. Maybe a new species has been found… It’s a huge mystery. We have no idea what it is.”