The Huffington Post and Who Forted? have reported that there has been a mass invasion of O’ahu’s south shores by millions of tiny purple creatures has biologists and beach goers scratching their heads.. and watching where they step.

Last weekend, an onslaught of mysterious little monsters began washing up on some Hawaiian beaches, and the mysterious pea-sized creatures couldn’t readily be identified by biologists. Norton Chan, a Waikiki Aquarium Biologist, stated:

“The lifeguard called and asked what these things were because she had reports of surfers were actually have these things crawl up on their boards and onto them.”

While the efforts to figure out just what the little guys are have so far proved fruitless, Chan and other biologists from the area have been roaming the shores of O’ahu trying to preserve as many of the creatures as possible in an effort to see exactly what they grow into.

So far, they don’t even have a way to tell how big they’re even going to get. According to Chan:

“There’s a lot of things we don’t know about the ocean so any opportunity like this is a great learning experience.”

At least by the time they’ve turned into gigantic, nuclear-induced Godzilla monsters, we should have had enough time to figure out how to kill them.