hairy-hominidsThe Daily Mail has reported that an unusual and unexplained footprint discovered in an Ohio backyard has sparked speculation that the legendary Bigfoot passed through earlier this month.

One Ashtabula County resident, who only wanted to be identified as Wendy due to the inevitable skepticism that surrounds Bigfoot, discovered the seven-inch wide print on her property on August 11th.

While it is not possible to tell how long the footprint is, Wendy claims that having shown her husband, they both agreed it was ‘larger than anything me or my husband has ever seen.’

Puzzled, Wendy showed photographs of the footprint to several local hunters who encounter bears frequently:

‘The hunters agree, it’s not a bear. These are definitely toes. They are not claws.”

Indeed, the mystery surrounding the footprint for Wendy has deepened due to this latest strange encounter:

“It started about five years ago. My husband took the dog outside during the night. That’s when he heard it. like no other animal you’ve ever heard. It made his skin crawl. Whatever it was, it was large.”

Frighteningly for Wendy, the latest unexplained event took place just a few weeks ago, over the Labor Day weekend:

“My husband was in the bedroom at the back of the house. ‘I was in the kitchen. It was about 9:30 at night. Something pounded on the outside wall of the house. We both heard it and came running. Since it was dark we couldn’t see anything outside.”

bprnt2Experiences like these are not uncommon in Ohio. According to the group Bigfoot Field Research Organization, Ohio has logged more than 200 sightings since the 1970s.