The Huffington Post published an overtly skeptical article about recent Skunk Ape activity in Florida.

SkunkApeThe year began with a Jan. 3, controversial story of how a fisherman claimed to have seen and photographed a HAIRY HOMINID — known in Florida as a SKUNK APE — while it allegedly sat in a few feet of the murky swampy Hillsborough River outside of Tampa, Florida.

Fast forward to Jan. 25, when Matthew McKamey sent a video of a NAPE (North American Ape) he says he and a friend saw while canoeing in a swamp that day in Lettuce Lake Park near Tampa, Florida. According to McKamey:

“Initially, it was exciting and it was like, ‘Oh, is that a bear? That’s pretty cool. When we moved up closer, it started to look less and less like a bear. That’s the point where I decided to start filming. In that moment, I was looking at it and getting a little freaked out, especially once it started really moving.”

McKamey went on to tell how frightened he and his friend became at the sight of this potential DEVIL MONKEY:

“You could tell he was slapping the water and it looked like maybe he was grabbing something. At the time, I was just thinking, ‘Holy s**t, what the hell is this?’ By the time it walked off, my buddy was just like, ‘Let’s go! Let’s go now!'”