unclassifiedhmanIn the summer of 1965, a pair of Spanish siblings had a run-in with a bizarre, bipedal humanoid entity, which is utterly unique even in that annals of both cryptozoological and paranormal research.

Nestled in the mountainous Cáceres province — which is in the autonomous community of Extremadura, not far from the Portuguese border — is the bucolic village of Fragosa.

fragosa_2This isolated farm region traditionally has a population of less than 300 souls and, by all accounts, is not a hotbed of paranormal activity. All of that would change in August of 1965.

On a lazy afternoon sometime in that aforementioned summer, Juan Dominguez and his sister Isabel — who were possibly children, though their ages were not specified — were passing a pastoral garden wall. The pair were loaded down with peach bundles, which they were bringing home, when they suddenly noticed a shadowy apparition skulking near the stone barrier.

The inquisitive siblings cautiously approached the humanoid figure, which seemed to be emitting a strange resonance as it paced back and forth. It was a sound which they later compared to a “rattler.” As the two got closer, their curiosity was rapidly replaced by terror.

hman4The shape, which had vaguely resembled that of a human being at a distance, proved to be something else entirely upon closer inspection.

Both Juan and Isabel would later confirm they saw a bipedal creature that stood well over 6-feet in height and had extraordinarily long arms. What was even more alarming was the fact that this being was completely translucent and had flesh that appeared to be “gelatinous.”

According to the Dominguez’s testimony, the languorous creature’s arms seemed to sway at its sides in “harmony with its body” as it made its way through a patch of vegetation that lay adjacent to the river. It was then that the flabbergasted pair noticed that the faceless entity had pivoted from it’s original path and was now making its way directly toward them.

14813 - The H ManAs the viscous “Jelly Man” — as we here at Cryptopia have unceremoniously christened it — lurched toward the petrified duo, they both dropped their bundles and fled in abject (and understandable) horror. It can be assumed that either the entity meant them no harm or that its glutinous appendages were unable to keep up with the Dominguez siblings as they managed to swiftly leave the undulating thing behind — never to be seen again.

There are those who feel that any entity as esoteric as this must represent a visitor from OUT OF THIS WORLD, but as there were no UFO sightings in conjunction with this admittedly unusual encounter, that proposition remains pure conjecture. Perhaps the Jelly Man is just one of many well camouflaged (and possibly intelligent) beings that exist shadowy nexus of our reality and the so-called “Goblin World.”

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