Weird Australia has published a fun article detailing all manner of down under cryptids!

Australia has long been known for it’s genuinely bizarre indigenous fauna. From Kangaroos to Koala bears to the FORMERLY EXTINCT Thylacine or TASMANIAN TIGER, strange critters seem to abound in the land that’s been dubbed “Oz.” Now Weird Australia has published an overview of some of their more famous “unknown” animals.

The first on the list is the notorious BUNYIP. This carnivorous and exceedingly dangerous aquatic mammal is said to spend most of its time beneath the placid waters of Australia’s lakes, riverbeds and watering holes. Next up is a “Nessie” type creature that allegedly lurks in the depths of the Hawkesbury River, one of the major rivers of the coastal region of New South Wales, Australia. They also cover a series of SEA MONSTER sighting from the early portion of the 2oth Century.